Expectations-Benefits Framework (exp-ben)


Expectations-Benefits Framework (exp-ben)

Purpose: Classification of different types of benefits

The Expectations-Benefits Model is a model for the identification of benefits from the use of information technology in companies. The model (cf. figure) identifies benefits on four different levels.


Source: Schubert and Williams, 2011, p. 818

The Expectations-Benefits Model has been developed and documented in a series of publications starting in the year 2009. The first version of the model was published at AMCIS 2010 and contained five levels. The revised version (BLED and HICSS) was trimmed to four levels.
The latest article on the Expectations-Benefits Model appeared in the Business Process Management Journal. This article should be cited when referring to the model.


Schubert, Petra; Williams, Susan P. (2011): A Framework for Identifying and Understanding Enterprise Systems Benefits, Business Process Management Journal, Vol. 17, No. 5, 2011, pp. 808-828.