Benefits Realisation Management (BRM)


Benefits Realisation Management (BRM)

Identifying and managing the benefits arising from IT-enabled business change often presents a major challenge for organisations. At IBD we focus on assisting organisations to identify and map benefits at different stages of the project lifecycle. Beginning with identifying the expected benefits through to documenting the realised benefits. We also specialise in capturing and measuring the unanticipated benefits of a new system implementation. Our specific areas of expertise are:

  •     benefits identification and benefits mapping
  •     measurement and monitoring the benefits of IT implementations
  •     developing strategies for benefits management


In our group we have developed a number of tools and methodologies for benefits identification and mapping. The exp-ben framework provides an approach and methodologies for identifying and monitoring benefit. NuRIT.

We are also familiar with the OGC Managing Successful Programmes framework and its benefits and governance tranches.


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