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New Design of the IBD Website

Our relaunched Integrated Business Design is now online. All old content and much more new content is now available in a more structured and integrated way. We hope you like it!

Zombies and Skeletons

This article discusses the management of social content and the question of what to do with inactive collaboration communities, communities that we label zombies and skeletons.

The Information Lifecycle

In this post, I introduce the information lifecycle as a framework for helping us to think about the management of enterprise information. Information that is stored in systems such as enterprise content, document and records management systems.

Different types of communities in Enterprise Collaboration Software

In this blog post I speak about three generic types of communities that we identified in our research on the use of Enterprise Collaboration Systems (ECS): (1) Organisational Entity, (2) Topic and (3) Project Community.

IRESS Model: A Contextual View on Requirements of Social Software

This blog post describes the IRESS Model, which has been developed by IBD experts to allow a contextual view at the Social Software requirements of companies.

Social (Software) Engagement Profiler (SEP)

In this blog post I explain the idea of a tool that can assess the dimensions of actual social software use of an individual (software) user.

Social Media and Enterprise Social Software – two very different concepts, don’t mix them in the discussion!

This blog post discusses the important difference between (public) Social Media and (company-internal) Enterprise Social Software.

The Cloud, the Cloud, … but what is the Cloud?

In this blog post I try to clarify the terms surrounding “The Cloud” by elaborating on the three main services SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

Koblenzer Forum for Business Software (KoFoBiS)

The Koblenzer Forum for Business Software (KoFoBiS) is a platform for the exchange of expert and user knowledge on business software. Users of business software talk about their firsthand experience with the introduction and use of IT systems.

University Competence Center for Collaboration Technologies (UCT)