Social Business Readiness Study

Social Business Readiness Study

Research on Social Business Readiness

In recent years, a new generation of collaboration software has emerged that incorporates social media-like functionality: Enterprise Social Software (ESS).

ESS is used to support Social Business Initiatives and enhance business collaboration and content sharing within the organisation. ESS has also spurred the interest in Enterprise Collaboration Systems (ECS), the general term for business software that facilitates communication, coordination and cooperation in companies. ECS can be a portfolio of collaboration software (e.g. specialised software for Wikis, Blogs) or an integrated system (e.g. IBM Connections, Microsoft SharePoint or Yammer).

The introduction and use of ESS is generating much interest, especially now, as organisations move from an experimentation/pilot phase to fully integrating and embedding ECS into their everyday business processes and work practices.

However, there is still considerable uncertainty about how to manage ECS in a scalable and sustainable way and to monitor the business value of ECS. The goal of our Social Business Readiness Study is to track developments in the adoption and use of ECS and to provide insights and tools to assist organisations to maximise the effectiveness and value of their ECS initiatives.

We have identified a number of key issues facing companies and over the next three years we are working with companies in Germany and internationally to address these issues. Projects currently underway examine:

  • The management and control of social content
  • Social media risks in business
  • Identification and management of social business benefits
  • ECS analytics and performance monitoring

Working with key industry partners we are also running a regular industry survey to capture the readiness and capability of organisations to develop a sustainable social business capability.

Social Business Readiness Survey

The aim of the 2014 Social Business Readiness Survey was to capture a snapshot of the current status of ECS and social business initiatives in organisations.

Readiness Study

In the 2014 survey we focussed on:

  • Systems and system elements that are currently in use
  • Main drivers/objectives for implementing ECS
  • Expected benefits arising from ECS
  • Challenges of using ECS
  • ECS content management

These topics were examined through an online survey followed by industry cases studies and interviews with key informants.

The survey findings were presented at the University in Koblenz on the 23rd April 2015. The survey report is now available at