Business Research

Business Research

At IBD we specialise in conducting business research on behalf of our clients. This might be in the form of a one-off study or as part of an ongoing current awareness information service. Our information products are tailored to the requirements of our clients. Typical business research projects include the following.

1. Surveys

We have skills and expertise in the design, development and administration of online surveys and in the analysis and the presentation of findings.

2. Case studies

We have considerable experience in the development of industry case studies using the eXperience and interpretive case study methodologies. Recent examples include cases studies of the implementation of enterprise social software, enterprise systems and document management systems.

3. (Customized) reports

Researching compliance needs relevant to the organisation

4. Current awareness service

We offer a current awareness service on our key topic areas. This takes the form of information updates, white papers and industry briefings.

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