Corporate Training & Workshops

Corporate Training & Workshops

Our services in the area of Corporate Training & Workshops include:

  1. General Courses
  2. Corporate training courses
  3. Webinar

We provide a range of trainings and workshops to help businesses in different questions from general courses about specific topics to adjusted workshops for your business covering our different expertise topics. Following are examples of workshops.

  • E2.0 Workshop
  • GRC -training – assist your team in developing their understanding of relevant standards and frameworks, design and refine audit processes in the governance and management of information and develop their skills in designing and implementing plans. Training workshops are designed for managers and staff in audit, risk, compliance and information management and customised to meet specific organisational requirements.
  • Strategy workshops –  interactive workshops to assist your team design or enhance strategies for managing information risk, meeting compliance needs, or evaluating performance.  We scope the workshop to meet broad or specific needs.

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